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White Label Platform: Easy to Setup and Operate

White Label from Inbet Games

White Label Platform: Easy to Setup and Operate

For a long time, it has been a hard hustle to set up and run an online casino. But in the 21st century, people have put on their thinking caps to find unique solutions. Today, white label casino providers actualize your dream to own and manage an online casino. Perhaps you think it is too much work! Not quite.


White label solutions refer to developed services and products made by one company for resale by another under a different brand. The platforms are presented in a manner that’s easy to brand and market. In the long run, the product or service is associated with the reseller and not the white label company.


As a reseller, you are free from conducting constant research to advance technology. Much of your work revolves around branding and marketing the site. You simply slap your logo and tag line on the online casino and hit the market. A white label site has an administration panel rich in functions that makes these two functions equally simple.


How Label Simplifies the setup and managing of a casino

White label casino providers allow you to add a few tweaks to a ready-made, licensed platforms and fully integrated with payment gateways. You don’t need expert knowledge or the services of an expert to get off the ground. The provider handles all the legal and technical functions on your behalf.

Still, doubting? Here are the details:


No licensing required

White-label platforms come equipped with necessary licenses and documentation. With the time and money licensing requires, this is a huge plus. White label casino licensing includes all the operational and gaming licenses.


24/7 Security and Multilingual Customer Support

As an operator, the safety of your players should be a priority. Under white label providers, though, you don’t have to worry about that. The systems use the highest antifraud protection security measures. Also, they are available around the clock to attend to your customers in multiple languages.


Integrated Payment Gateways

White label casino providers have already integrated payment solutions, including cryptocurrency and the e-wallets.  The operators, thus, don’t need to set up anything or enter any deal with payment solution providers.


Loaded Casino Games and Sports for Sportsbetting

The white label provider, let’s say InBet Games, provides you with a range of choices. Yours is to pick which games to include in your platform. For sports betting, you have a wide range of sports to choose from and lots of inbuilt features.


Marketing Made Easy

While marketing is your primary role, some white label casino providers go the extra mile to ensure you succeed. Such sites include robust marketing tools tailored to your needs. Besides providing exciting games and customizable jackpots to lure players, they also offer a unified bonus system to drive acquisition and retention. Other marketing tools include advanced CMS system, affiliate marketing system, customizable loyalty program, and data-led email marketing solution.



White label casino providers simplify starting and running an online casino business. With tons of tools at your disposal, everything runs smoothly. Your work is to influence more players to join in, but again, you have lots of tools to do it. Simply put, the solution provides a fully-managed casino platform, leaving you a minimal role to play.


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