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Developing & Marketing your Online Casino: Working with Affiliates under the White Label Platform

Affiliate marketing

Developing & Marketing your Online Casino: Working with Affiliates under the White Label Platform

White label casino platforms partner with companies, websites, and blogs that act as marketing agents for the casinos under the label. Some may work with advertising agents and PR companies or even act as partners of co-sponsored events. It is all in the game of driving numbers. But how important are these partnership when it comes to your marketing strategy?


Hold your horses. First thing, though, what’s affiliate marketing? 


It is collaborating with companies, blogs and websites to promote your casino. By featuring your casino in their platforms, affiliate marketers help you generate traffic.


In the igaming industry, these affiliate sites are popular platforms for expert opinions and reviews. The insights, coupled with credibility, have earned the affiliates trust of their audience. So, when they feature your site, their audience could quickly become your new customers. 


Affiliates under the White Label Casino Platform

For a white-label casino platform, the software developer does all the technical work. These include acquiring licenses, providing games, integrating payment gateways, and customer support service.  As the operator, you have just one role, but which is critical – marketing! 

You need to do everything possible to get it right.  One cost-effective way of marketing a casino is through affiliate marketing. If you are using the right white-label platform provider, you can easily create a relationship with its affiliate companies. Besides, you can customize your marketing approaches, track their efficiency, and capitalize on the most effective ones.

While it is prudent to use both methods, for a small start-up with a thin promotion budget, you may need to prioritize. But, in this case, affiliate marketing yields the highest return on investment (ROI) 



Bonuses under White Label Casino Solution


Two things determine your site’s abilities to maintain customers. They are customer service and bonuses. 


But as you already know, white label casino platform provider takes care of customer service. That’s why we insist on you settling on an all-rounded solution like InBet Game. Poor customer service leaves a sour taste in the mouth of your players. 


As a casino operator, you should strive to retain the customers you win over. The software developer ensures you dedicate yourself to driving and converting traffic. But you know as well as we do that most punters play at several sites. In most cases, if a casino player is happy with the site, they’ll stick around. They’ll take a break when they run out of money or after a run of losses, or leave because of bad customer experience. 


But some white labels platforms restrict your market strategy, thus affect the type of bonuses you give. It’s advisable to go for a provider that gives you some level of independence on awarding bonuses. For example, you may need to give out reload bonuses as well as weekly cashback occasionally. These encourage players to continue playing. 




In a nutshell, becoming an online casino operator is currently a low-risk jump. However, nothing is easy. You need to market your site to get enough traffic continuously. Affiliate marketing can help you with that. But to convert the traffic into new customers and keep them, you need bonuses and quality of service. So, when picking a white-label platform, ensure you get everything right.


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