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White Label Platform: Easy to Launch without Legal Hassle

White Label Platform: Easy to Launch without Legal Hassle

In the past couple of years, the online gaming industry has grown exponentially. But before you decide to get in on it, you need to understand the legal intricacies that apply. At the top of the list is obtaining a license that ensures you follow the law and gain the confidence of your target market.

Unfortunately, getting a license is not a walk in the park because different regions have different requirements. In short, licensing is a long and dreary process. It is especially tedious when you have to build your site from scratch. The good news is there’s the option of white label gaming solutions takes all these burdens off your shoulder.

However, to understand the value, these solutions offer, here’s what operators building proprietary technology face when getting a license.


What is a gambling license?

It’s simply a certificate from a legal industry authority that an online casino should have. The rules governing licensing process vary with the location. The license dictates the operations, accounts, and auditing, the types of games, how employees behave, how punters participate, and how business is done with the owners.


The licensing process

The process has several different categories including;

  • Submission of an application – this step takes between two and four weeks. Whether you proceed past this stage or not depends on how ready you are and the quality of the application submitted. Aside from personal and business information, you have to pass gambling license checks, employment checks, reference checks, and criminal background.
  • Application review – before approval, the application is reviewed for about six to 12 weeks. This process depends on the license you want and the gaming authority you are dealing with. The licensing body conducts an in-depth analysis of the business plan, the distribution strategies, the growth targets, the HR plan, and more. During this step, the licensing body determines the suitability of your business. Therefore, there is a lot of communication, and the faster you respond, the shorter the process is.
  • Software testing – the licensing body checks software fairness, a process that can take two months. If you add new software during this process, you’ll wait longer.
  • Going live – after approval, you’ll have 60 days to go live. This stage includes server audits and the integration of your gaming tech into a live environment.
  • Receive your license


White Label gaming solution to the rescue

Even after following all the processes, there are no guarantees that you’ll get the license. Even worse, the process is expensive, depending on the jurisdiction. But with a white label gaming solution from providers like InBet, you receive a complete ready-to-use package.

As such, you don’t have to apply for licensing since the software comes with licenses. The licenses include:

  • The GLI19 and GLI15 certificates.
  • The BMM certificates for slots that operate without RNG.
  • Licensed in Malta and Curacao.
  • Certifications by iTech Labs that are compliant with UK and Malta regulations.

Once you purchase a white label online casino, all you have to do is brand and market it.



Online casino licensing is a challenging and expensive process. However, having a company handle it for you and hand you a user-ready platform is a dream come true for any entrepreneur. And the fact that you get to save time and money is among the reasons why white-label online casinos are popular today than ever before.


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