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Opportunities of White Label – Start Running your Online Casino, Sportsbook or Crypto Casino

Opportunities of White Label – Start Running your Online Casino, Sportsbook or Crypto Casino

Gambling platforms provide great ways to experience all the thrill of the casino without stepping in the brick-and-mortar establishment. Today, most gamblers prefer to play on the go or wherever they are. They do this via their mobile devices, or on their PC. So, if you seek to quickly tap into the lucrative sports betting market, a white label sportsbook solution is your most strategic option.


Not too long ago, it was preposterous to imagine starting your sportsbook or casino. Still, it is one of the most complex and capital intensive models. It’s not just the millions of dollars in startup capital but also requires a multi-disciplinary team of platform providers, game developers, payment networks, and security protocols.


All these make it virtually impossible for small-time investors to start their gambling platforms from scratch. But with white label sportsbook solutions, you can get everything as a package.


Overview of what you can launch under while the label


The white label provides you with all the possible options in the market. You can start any of the following:

  • Online casino – You get everything from games, banking, licenses, and user interface. What’s more, some games come with demo versions to test performance before your players can play for real money. If you want to test all the games, just let us know. Most packages come with integrated third-party wallets and on-going support.
  • Sportsbook – White label sportsbook comes with all the available bookmaker options, including virtual games. While most of them limit the type of sports you can include, a select few are more liberal. That means you can decide the sports you can include on your platform. For example, InBet allows you to include virtual sports, which has kept the industry going during this COVID-19 pandemic that has made real sporting impossible.
  • Crypto casino – A cryptocurrency casino accepts cryptocurrency as a payment and withdrawal method. White label solutions include cryptocurrency like BTC and ETH in their banking options. Crypto casinos open gambling to more regions because digital currencies are decentralized and accessible from anywhere in the world.


How White Label Platforms Work

Simply put, a white label gambling platform is renting a casino from a provider. Some of these platforms integrate white label sportsbook solution, providing both casino games and bookmaker services.


In this arrangement, the provider is a silent partner responsible for all the technical and operational infrastructure behind the scenes. You are the face of the site, and as such, take charge of marketing, customer acquisition, and branding.


It is easy to set up a white platform. All you need to do is to submit some upfront setup fee, and the provider creates your website. The approach eliminates the hassle of acquiring licenses and drastically cut the startup cost. Last but not least, it now takes less time to have a site up and running.


White label sites provide fully managed features, including licenses, games, banking, customer support, design, hosting, and much more. As the site owner, you provide the designs and logos and customise some features. But the whole thing is easily set-up with minimal operational infrastructure.


Once you launch the site, the white-label provider continues to oversee the daily management operations. On the other hand, you concentrate on attracting new players. Some techniques you can use include SEO, content marketing, paid ads, and affiliate marketing. Shared responsibilities mean sharing revenues as well, but the amount depends on the agreed ratio.


While the advantages of using a white label sportsbook solution are clear for everyone to see, there are a few things you must sacrifice. Among them is the limited control. Since the provider manages most of the site’s functionalities, you have little control over featured game developers, website design, and layout. Still, some providers give you more freehand. You get to choose the games to take on board for casinos, and they type of sports to bet on for the sportsbook.


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