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What White Label for iGaming Means

What White Label for iGaming Means

Gone are the days when it was a crazy idea to start and own an online casino. High start-up capital and too much paperwork made the industry a reserve for large corporations. But white-label levels the playing field.


White label cuts the financial and legal expenses you need to create an online casino. These platforms include everything. From the design, hosting, games, banking solutions, and licenses, to support.


You may provide designs and logos and customise select features or options to make the site suit you. But everything is an easy set-up that requires minimal operator infrastructure.


What this means is it is now possible to come up with a casino in a few weeks at a significantly lower cost. Outsourcing almost everything eliminates the hassle associated with launching a new brand.


Components of a White Label Casino Package


Essentially, a white label package includes the following:


  • Real money gaming platform running on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • An assortment of different licensed online casino games
  • Customisable campaign tools. These include bonus offers plus a supporting email, SMS, and direct messaging campaigns.
  • Banking options including renowned local and international payment solutions like cards and e-wallets
  • Customer Service via live chat, email, or telephone
  • Licensing – Both operational and game licenses
  • Account management and full technical support
  • Others – include business analytics, integrated risk management, and anti-fraud modules.


The provider handles all the technical stuff. So, you don’t incur any management cost other than those associated with differentiating and marketing your brand.


Benefits of White Label


The main advantages of buying white label services include:


  • Saves time – You can start operations in a few weeks. The white label gives you complete casino software and accessories. and access to license makes it possible to.
  • Cheap – You get all the products as a package cutting down the cost of start-up.
  • Fatherly figure – the parent company handles most of the requirements. It even steps in the cases of large pay-outs to shield the subsidiary for potential losses.


Drawbacks of White Label


Here are some of the burdens of a white label:

  • You have limited control as the provider decides most functionalities of the site. Some providers, however, give you a little freedom, allowing you to choose the games to include in your site.
  • The parent company decides most of the promotion packages, which may restrict your marketing strategy.
  • Since you share responsibilities, you split the proceeds between you and the provider in a predetermined ratio.


White Label or build a site from scratch?


You may already know that online gaming is one of the most promising industries globally. Billions are rolling out as returns, so everyone wants a piece of this cake. Even so, the costs of starting an iGaming platform from scratch are quite expensive. The laws and licensing requirements are overwhelming. It may take you a year or so to be compliant and get to run as a legit site.


The white label enables small companies to modify ready-made platforms and software. With a growing list of white label solutions, you might be confused about the one that best suits you. Go for the time-tested gaming template that is easy to brand. It should have a wide selection of top provider casino games with all the gaming licenses. Lastly, it should provide access to multiple payment solutions.


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