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Launch your online casino anywhere, anytime!

Launch your online casino anywhere, anytime!

For a long time, many people have grown an interest in creating their own gaming platforms, but the massive capital requirements have stood in their way. White label igaming software solutions break these barriers.

Today, you can launch your online casino, sportsbook, or crypto casino anywhere, anytime, at an extremely affordable price. So, there has never been a better time to launch your online gambling business than now!


What does it take to start an igaming platform?


Normally, starting and operating an online gambling business is excruciatingly stressful. You need to get a stable online casino platform, then work on the security protocol, and that’s long before you get into the long, tedious processing of acquiring a license.


Also, you need to procure games, which may require you to enter into multiple third party agreements with the game providers so that your platform can offer a variety of games. Not to mention integrating payment gateways and a variety of add-ons. But all these forms hardly half of the work. Still, you need to maintain your site, providing 24/7 customer support, and involved in the daily management of your business.


Everything from scratch can take you at least six months. But that also depends on your jurisdiction, the expertise of your team, and the resources at their disposal.


But you no longer have to go through all that trouble. Choose white label igaming software for online casinos.


What is a White Label Casino?


A white label casino is a turn-key igaming software solution, which comes fully-loaded games, payment solutions, multi-platform support, and everything there is about online casinos. The system reduces the time you need to set up your site from 6 months to under 24 hours.


In just 5 hours, you get a complete site with casino games and software solutions for every other need. If you like, you get multiple versions for every market you intend to serve. Each target market gets their preferred language and currency. Most important of all, these systems are time-tested and passed rigorous technical testing. Some white-label providers like InBet include a multilingual 24/7 support system to the site’s client.


But what’s the best part? Cost! We are not talking only about the cost of setting up the site, but also maintenance and running the business. For starters, a casino running on a white label igaming software costs merely a fraction of what you pay to start a site from scratch. What’s more, the platforms are tested and proven to be bug-free, creating a hustle free experience for your customers.


Management of White Label igaming software Casino


In terms of management, you hardly do anything, save for working on your brand, and influencing more players to join. The white label igaming software provider does all the technical stuff.


A white label provider takes charge of the technical aspects of your casino. These include:


  • Updating site, including games, sports events, payment solutions, and security
  • Overall management of the business.
  • Licenses and compliance with the regulatory requirements
  • Customer-support

The casino operator focuses on promoting the business.




Obtaining a white label solution is a win-win solution for the casino operator as well as the software provider. While the provider helps manage the online gambling business, you expand their income by bringing in more customers. The advantages are not confined only to the savings in terms of time and money, but they also create a hustle-free business management experience.


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