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A huge business of Sports betting in Nigeria

sports betting in Nigeria

A huge business of Sports betting in Nigeria

Sports gained attention all over the world. From football to tennis to golf to rugby and more, the sports industry is a real global giant. With so many millions of fans worldwide, the sports betting industry is also flourishing. With globalization and internet speeding up things, people have up-to-date information on various sports worldwide. However, there are disparities in countries with access to online sports betting, and one of these countries is Nigeria.


Sports betting in Nigeria is a huge business for many reasons. One of them is demographics – with over 100 million people aged between 18 and 40 years old. Most of these people are interested in football with many African stars playing Premier League and international championships.


People Bet Big


According to recent figures, approximately 60 million Nigerians spend 5 billion Naira every day on sports betting. Most of these sports fans do it in bet shops and cafes. But why Nigerians prefer game houses instead of online systems?


Personal access to the internet is still trouble in various parts of Nigeria, and people do not feel safe and comfortable with online registration processes. Also, funding accounts with cards is an issue as many people in Nigeria also lack access to the banking system, they do not owe cards, and usually, banks charge a lot for deposits. Because of this, access to any online betting service is already impossible. Thus, many sports fans in Nigeria prefer going to a betting shop.


Betting Shops Hold the Real Value


While accessing the internet and trying to understand e-betting poses several difficulties to people in Nigeria, going to the betting shops is more than just a transaction. Often these places are also social platforms where people share and learn.


Betting shop owners have now the change to boost their revenues from offline activities as well. How? With Atomic software from InBet Games, a simple solution to a complicated matter that can bring bet shop owners more clients, transfer existing clients to online environments and make more profits. You can consider the 60 million Nigerians sports betting every day as your potential clients.


Atomic Is the Way Forward


Atomic software is the ideal solution for betting shops, retail stores, grocery shops, gas stations, internet cafes, and other different social venues as the POS cashier can be installed in most of these places. The system generates codes that can be sold, and users can go online to play their favourite games. By adding one extra layer of accessibility to the online world, retail businesses of any kind can expand the product line, onboard more customers, and increase your profitability hundredfold.


With Atomic platform, shops can boost betting volume with a sophisticated tech infrastructure that acts as a customizable omnichannel. There are several major advantages for using Atomic platform:


  • You can bet, and play on more than 600 games like slots, betting games, lottery games, fortune wheel.
  • It’s fully compliant with your jurisdiction’s specific gaming regulatory requirements.
  • Clients get one registration card and PIC code that gives them access to betting, and gambling services across the network from any access point using cash or credit cards deposits.
  • Deposits and withdrawals through our trusted terminals or our cashiers are safe and secure.
  • Personalized betting and gaming experience with ease-of-use for operators to register and manage accounts.


In other words, signing up with Atomic gives betting shop and any other retail unit that edge they need to thrive in a competitive, fast-moving online environment and economy. Atomic platform connects the offline betting shops, cafes, and operators to the online environment, which will bolster profitability, turnover, customer retention and expand the business.

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