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Advantages of live sports betting

Advantages of live sports betting

One of the great advantages of live sports betting is that you get actively involved in observing the dynamics of the game and can make your timely betting decision based on the real developments during the event.  In the case of pre-match betting, your selection is based only on sports analytics estimates.


Having said this, you should also carefully analyze the live event before engaging in live betting. Learning more ahead of time about the event and its particulars will enable you to bet in a smart way. 


Arbitrage situations

The main reason why in-play bets are so popular is that in many situations bookmakers do not always immediately catch on to all the details and circumstances affecting the game in the real-time mode. Consequently, they do not change the odds for a particular outcome quickly enough, creating an opportunity for smart players to bet effectively on the odds that have not changed yet.


By way of an example, let us say a bettor watches a match and notices that a key player gets a knee injury. Although this information will register eventually, causing the odds to change, this does not happen immediately. Meanwhile, the gambler has a chance to lock in a profitable bet on the odd that has not changed yet. This difference in odds leads to appearance of arbitrage situations, which are quite often taken advantage of by smart arbitrators.


Flexibility to adapt bets 

One of the great advantages of in-play betting is a possibility for bettors to change their mind during an event.


For example, maybe, a bet on team A appeared as a “sure shot” upon reviewing statistics estimates prior to the match. However, after some time passes, it turns out the team misses a few goals and loses a key player due to an injury, and the bet does not look so promising any more. In such a case, the bettor can make an opposing bet.


Therefore, live sports betting provides bettors with more opportunities to win because they get more timely knowledge about the sporting event than they do with pre-set betting.


A great variety of options to bet on

A great deal of options is available for bettors with in-play sports betting, which you cannot find with pre-set betting types. For example, you can wager on which player will score next, – this type of wager is not available for pre-set bets.


When betting on the next player to score, the positions are closed as soon as a player scores. Right after this, another position opens for the next player to score. This process recurs throughout the whole duration of the match, every time a player scores a goal.


There are many other great options to bet on with live betting. Some of the examples of in-play betting on soccer are time of next goal, next player to get a ticket, time of next booking, next team to score, player to win next corner-kick, etc.

In football, for example, you can wager on things such as next goal, match corners, full-time result, half-time result, whether a drive will result with a field goal or a touchdown, and many more.


In cricket, you can wager on how many runs will be scored, which player will take the next wicket and others.


Indeed, the types of various live betting markets for different sports are so vast that it would take a long time to list them all. It does not really make sense to do it here. We just need to remember that there is a great multitude of different options. 


Some psychological peculiarities of live betting 

As with any type of gambling, there is no absolute recipe of winning. Any player may lose, and this is a part of gambling. In live betting, it is particularly easy to start making emotional decisions rather than rational, as players become stuck in a moment, and then they may run a risk of throwing money away and losing. Some players, however, tend to set a limit before the event and manage to stay calm throughout the game. 


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