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Multiple types of sports betting. Fixed-odds wagering types

Multiple types of sports betting. Fixed-odds wagering types


Sports betting is one of the most popular and widely enjoyed forms of gambling in the world, and it involves a wide variety of options to wager on. While some of the wagering options such as fixed odds or total line bets are quite common, some other ones are more sophisticated and require a little more explanation, especially for the inexperienced bettors.


Some types of sports betting have been around for a long time, whereas others have evolved with the widespread use of the internet.  The internet opened up many new options for alternative types of wagering.


Some questions bookmakers often hear from both beginners in sports betting and old-timers are about what types of sports bets and wagering types are the best to place.


Herewith, we provide a summary of the multiple sports betting types and explain the essence of each one of them. 


One of the most well-known, traditional sports betting types is fixed odds betting. Typically, in fixed odds betting a bettor and a bookmaker agree on the odds when a wager is placed. In case a wager wins, it is paid out at those agreed odds even if the odds have considerably changed.


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