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Understanding betting odds. Money-line Odds

Understanding betting odds. Money-line Odds

American odds or US odds are used predominantly in the United States.


The minus (-) sign is attributed to the favourites and designates the amount one has to bet to win $100. The plus (+) sign is attributed to the underdogs and indicates the amount won for every $100 wagered.  The initial stake amount is added to the amount won.


The bigger the gap between the odds for the favourites and the underdogs, the higher is the probability of the favourites winning.


For instance, let us say the following Moneyline odds are priced on one of the betting websites for US National Soccer Teams Colorado Rapids and Portland Timbers:

Colorado Rapids: +430

Portland Timbers: – 510 


The Moneyline odds of +430  offered by the bookmaker for the underdog Colorado indicate that the likelihood of Colorado winning the game is quite low (about 23%), and in case Colorado wins, a bettor would make a profit of $430 on a stake of $100. The total return, in this case, would equal $530.


Timbers are listed as the favourite, and the probability of them winning according to the bookmaker is much higher. As per the odds, a stake of $510 would generate a $100 profit, if Timbers win. The total return than would be $610 (initial bet $510 + profit $100).


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