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Lottery Games in Latin America – What to Expect

Lottery Games in Latin America – What to Expect

What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you skip town? Buy a new house? A new car? Whatever it is, you have to win the lottery first. And to win, you have to play it. Latin Americans know this and take lotteries seriously. This is evident in the level of media coverage they afford lotteries. Most Latin American governments even organize national lotteries.
Part of the allure of lotteries is their simplicity. You need not be a rocket scientist or a lottery guru to understand the lotto strategies and have the stars align for you. Moreover, the tickets are relatively cheap and the jackpot evermore enticing to walk away from.
A few decades to play the lotto you had to find a lottery booth. But times have changed. Today, all you need is a device with internet access and you win your millions. Whether you are in it for the prize or just for the fun of it, you are bound to enjoy Latin America lotteries.
Popular Lottery Games in Latin America

Mega Sena
This lottery is popular is the most famous in Latin America. It’s played in Brazil. In the game, players need to pick 6 numbers between 1 and 60. If the numbers picked match those picked during the draw, then the jackpot is theirs for the taking. Of course, it’s quite expected that Brazil, one of the biggest countries in Latin America would be home to the famous lottery. However, other countries have their fair share of popular lottery games as well.
Most lotteries draw once or twice a week. But if you do not have such patience and want something more frequent, then Quina is the lotto game for you. Quina draws every day of the week except Sunday.
Quina’s gaming concept is similar to Mega Sena’s only that instead of 6 numbers, players choose any 5 numbers between 1 and 80. Matching 5 of the numbers to the drawn numbers win you the jackpot while matching only 2 wins you a minor prize.
Argentina’s Loteria Nacional
Messi’s home has lots of lottery games. The Loteria Nacional was set up in 1944 to regulate and facilitate lottery games. Today, it offers lottery games like Tombolina, Mi Bingo, Telekino, Quiniela Plus, QUINI6 Siempre Sale and QUINI6 Revancha.
Drawing numbers is a huge part of the above lotteries. However, the numbers players need to draw differ from one game to the next.
Aside from the above-mentioned lotto games, other popular ones include:
• Loto and Ravencha – Chile
• Baloto – Colombia
• La Tinka – Peru
From the above popular games, it’s evident that draws are the most common gaming concept. Also, Video Lotter Terminals are preferred for the convenience and security features.
Lottery Regulations in Latin America
Unfortunately, lottery rules and regulations in Latin America remain a gray area. Operators looking to set up shop in Latin America need to do their homework or work with a company that understands them.
Latin American countries have different rules. Below are some countries and what you should expect.
Argentina legalized the online gaming industry in 2002. Today, the country has licensed over 80 casinos running bingo, casino-style games, and regional popular games. Gambling seems to enjoy free reign and success in Argentina. However, each province in Argentina has a set of different lottery rules. This makes research all the more complex.
Mexico is strict with this online gambling business. The existing regulations were put in place back in 1947. So it goes without saying that getting a license to set up an online lottery is no child’s play. Though there are plans to make amendments and hope of things getting better for operators, you still need an expert to hold your hand before you set up shop.
But even with the strict rules, Mexicans are allowed to access offshore websites that accept players from Mexico.
Land-based games are controlled and supervised by an independent regulatory body. Online casinos are not permitted in the country. However, players can access offshore gaming platforms. Chile gaming laws provide for only 5 categories. These include dice, bingo, card games, roulette and slot machines. And only a total of 16 land-based casinos are licensed and authorized. These licenses are limited per region.
With those few countries, hopefully, you get the general idea of the rules that apply. Despite its popularity, lotteries are still new and governments are still learning and putting up favorable rules in place. Nothing is set in stone. The rules might get stricter or more lenient. You never know. But this much is guaranteed for now – you need an expert to hold your hand to navigate the landmines in the laws.

Latin America is home to millions of potential lottery players and lottery establishments both online and land-based. We have taken note of this and so have you. But before you dive in head first to have a share of this lucrative industry, learn the laws governing each country. Or better yet, leave it all to us. Let Inbet Games handle the legal technicalities involved.

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