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How to start your own Crypto Casino?

How to start your own Crypto Casino?

Being considered just a virtual-world currency and not being legally as a real money currency by many state in the world is the biggest advantage of Crypto.


Using it as a currency for your casino and accepting deposits only in Cryptos can mean that your gaming website can run without requiring a casino license which costs minimum 10,000$ , since you will not be undergoing any real-money gambling activities. In other words, you will never transaction any real money or goods if you are using Crypto as your casino currency.


Using Cryptos within your casino website would be like allowing people to deposit “World of Warcraft” Gold or “Second Life” Linden dollars into your casino and gamble them, which is perfectly legal. The value of Cryptos is also not regulated by any authority or by any bank. The entire network influences the price of Crypto, as long as people are still trading it. Its popularity is growing every day and this is facilitated by how easy anybody can create a Crypto wallet and receive Cryptos in it.

Another advantage of using Cryptos, for both casino owners and players would be the extreme privacy that Crypto gives. Since this is an untraceable currency, there’s no way for other people to know where the payment comes from. Therefore, third parties can’t access your personal and financial information. Also, no credit card chargebacks or refunds are going to be any of your concerns. Crypto transactions are non-refundable and are not the subject of any chargebacks. With Crypto casinos, the privacy of your players is fully ensured. That is the reason why many people might prefer to exchange their money to Cryptos and play at a Crypto casino. Also one of the most attractive benefits you can get from having a Crypto casino is the incredibly short waiting time for account deposits and withdrawals. The account deposits can be automated so that when a player sends money to the Crypto address of your casino, his account will instantly be given the amount equal to the value of Cryptos sent, without you having to do anything. Withdrawals can also be automated, after approval, meaning that for each withdrawal request, you will see a pending status in the administrator panel that will require you to verify it (optional) and then click the COMPLETE button. The moment you do that, the funds will be sent to the crypto address provided by the user. Running a Crypto casino is a self-sustaining business (it will basically run by itself and you only need to promote it).

We can help you start an online casino using any cryptocurrency that you prefer. If it’s Ethereum, DogeCoin, Ripple, LiteCoin, NetCoin, LottoCoin, etc. then you came to the right place. Many of the information from this article applies to the other cryptocurrency coins as well. Here is a list with just a few of the altcoins that we can integrate:
BTC, LTC, ADT, ANC, BQC, CAP, CGB, DGC, DVC, DOGE, FRK, FTC, GLD, IFC, KGC, MEC, NET, NMC, NVC, PPC, QRK, RED, SXC, TRC, WDC, XPM, YAC, ZET, LTCT. We support over 100 crypto-currencies and all the integrations are done through a 3rd party payment gateway, for security reasons. Your casino will never host any cryptocurrency wallets.

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