Our activities

  • software development
  • software implementation
  • assistance in business organization
  • adaptation to different markets
  • software maintenance
  • all day support

Our employees

  • programmers
  • analysts
  • mathematics
  • lawyers
  • managers
  • engineers

Our products

  • terminal and VLT solutions
  • betting products
  • lottery
  • online business

Our achievements

  • largest terminal network in the CIS countries
  • the main partner of most bookmakers
  • the largest online audience
  • over 200 heavy-duty servers
  • 20+ representatives in different countries

Our success is based on

  • 15-year experience in developing
  • 10 years of successful operating
  • application of advanced algorithms
  • unique approach to a client
  • flexible approach to business management
  • instant decisions

Successful operation in

  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Ukraine
  • Tajikistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia
  • Czech Republic
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Dominican Republic
  • Thailand

Lottery terminals

Specific features

  • independence
  • Linux OS-based work
  • easy maintenance
  • automatic money receiving and issuing
  • check printing
  • support of various types of equipment

Economic aspects

  • turnkey business solutions
  • short payback
  • financial transparency
  • high reliability
  • modifications for all types of legislation


  • 100+ different lotteries
  • monthly updating
  • interface editor
  • advanced graphics
  • online management and monitoring
  • easy reporting
  • expanded analytics
  • adaptation to legislation
  • all day support

Betting products

  • all types of present-day betting products
  • our own development department; other companies copy our solutions
  • unique mathematical models
  • risk management system
  • a wide variety of ways to connect
  • all products are preliminarily tested at our betting point
  • we know that keno in Kazakhstan differs from keno in Kyrgyzstan
  • our managers will help you to promote your betting point among players
  • sport betting
  • lottery betting
  • fast betting
  • virtual sports
  • from horse racing to exotic types of poker

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We are the only company who knows how to adapt the betting system to the conditions, when only lottery is permitted.
Extensive integration capabilities and experience in adapting products to the most stringent legislation and taxation.

Online solutions, casino and slots

Our products for your web-site

  • all betting products
  • lotteries
  • slots
  • payment system
  • integration with other company’s products

White Label

  • our technologies under your brand
  • transparent statistics
  • fast and simple organization

Integration solutions, API

  • reliable software
  • simple API
  • all day support

Advantages of our game system

  • original graphics and mathematics
  • user-friendly interface
  • full screen mode
  • work on all OSs
  • creation of clubs
  • adjustable rate returns
  • individual terminal for completions

Our operation is based on

  • easy setup and installation
  • pads, AIO, consoles
  • all day support
  • legal support


  • earn from home players
  • expand your network
  • financial control of each player
  • individual settings


We support all modern and even some types of obsolete equipment. If you need to connect a new device, then we’ll do it as soon as possible.

Cash acceptors: CashCode, NV9, NV200, ICT, GPT, MEI, and many others operating in protocols such as id003, CCTalk, CCnet, MDB
Cash acceptors adapted to money issuing: NV201, CashCode B2B, NV200
Dispensers: Talaris MiniMech, LCDM1000/2000
Check printers: Custom VKP80/VKP80II, TPL80, TG2480H
Touch screens: GeneralTouch, MasterTouch, YellowTouch
Connection: GPRS, 3G, 4G, Ethernet
Requirements to a system unit depend on a final product you need.
To organize a successfully operating point, you’ll need:
  • TVs/monitors to display number of products
  • system units/nettops with internet access
  • any operating system
  • equipped cashier place with check printer and scanner for convenience
  • specific equipment, depending on the laws of your country (fiscal data recorder)
Depending on a location, you can use:
  • AIOs
  • PCs
  • notebooks
  • game consoles
  • android-based pads
  • terminals
  • gaming keyboards

Technical support

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • remote setting up
  • speak all languages that our cashiers speak
  • tel, skype, icq
  • specialist on-site visit
  • web-chat, Service Desk / Help Desk

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